9.5 Output User-defined Arrays

Often in a simulation the user needs to output additional information to a checkpoint or plotfile which is not a grid scope variable. In FLASH2 any additional information had to be hard coded into the simulation. In FLASH4, we have provided a general interface IO_writeUserArray and IO_readUserArray which allows the user to write and read any generic array needed to be stored. The above two functions do not have any implementation and it is up to the user to fill them in with the needed calls to the HDF5 or pnetCDF C routines. We provide implementation for reading and writing integer and double precision arrays with the helper routines io_h5write_generic_iarr, io_h5write_generic_rarr, io_ncmpi_write_generic_iarr, and io_ncmpi_write_generic_rarr. Data is written out as a 1-dimensional array, but the user can write multidimensional arrays simply by passing a reference to the data and the total number of elements to write. See these routines and the simulation StirTurb for details on their usage.

Generic Flash Docs User 2019-10-18