FLASH3.3 Release API

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[Functions] source/Driver/Driver_computeDt





  Driver_computeDt(integer(IN) :: myPE,  
                  integer(IN) :: numProcs, 
                  integer(IN) :: nbegin,
                  integer(IN) :: nstep, 
                  real(IN)    :: simTime,
                  real(IN)    :: dtOld,
                  real(OUT)   :: dtNew)


  Determine the stability-limited time step.
  This timestep is determined using information from the included
  physics modules - many different timestep limiters are polled.

  The global driver might use a different (hopefully smaller) time
  step, to match a file write time (tplot or trstr) or if the
  simulation end time has been reached; such possibilities are
  not considered here.


  myPE - current processor number
  numProcs - number of processors in the run 
  nbegin - first step of the simulation (this is only used
              to determine if a label header should be written to
              the screen)
  nstep - current step of the simulation
  simTime - current simulation time of the run
  dtOld - the dt from the timestep that we just finished 
         (it's old because we be using dtOld to calculate 
          and return the dt for the next timestep (dtNew)
  dtNew - returned value of the dt calculated for the next timestep