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[Functions] source/Grid/Grid_raysFindIncidence





   Grid_raysFindIncidence(integer(IN) :: rayProps,
                          integer(IN) :: rayCount,
                          real(INOUT) :: rays,
                       logical(INOUT) :: notDone)


    This routine assumes that it is handed rays penetrating into the domain with a 
    starting point outside the computational domain. The rays are assumed to have
    information about spatial coordinates of the starting point and angles of incidence.
    Based upon this information, this routine finds the blocks in the computational domain
    through which the ray will enter the domain, and it also finds the coordinates of the 
    incident points for all the rays all over the domain. Not all processors will have 
    all the information, only the rays that are entering through at least one of the blocks 
    on the processor will be known to it.


   rayProps - the count of properties associated with each ray
   rayCount - the total number of rays entering the domain
   rays     - the data structure holding all available information about the rays
   notDone  - a logical variable that comes in as true, and changes only in the
              degenerate case when none of the rays penetrate any part of the domain