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[Functions] source/Grid/Grid_raysTrace





   Grid_raysTrace(integer(IN)    :: rayProps,
                  integer(IN)    :: maxRayCount,
                  integer(INOUT) :: rayCount,
                  real(INOUT)    :: rays,
                  integer(IN)    :: refractVar,
                  logical(INOUT) :: notDone)


    This routine manages all the Grid related housekeeping tasks for tracing the path
    of rays in the domain. The EnergyDeposition unit traverses rays through single blocks,
    and then hands the control to this routine for transition of the rays between blocks.
    the destination block may be local or they may be on different processors. After processing
    the routine returns the new list of blocks for operating on to the EnergyDeposition unit.


   rayProps - the count of properties associated with each ray
   maxRayCount - the total number of rays entering the domain
   rayCount - the count of rays currently in mype
   rays     - the data structure holding all available information about the rays
   refractVar - index into the solution data-structure for variable that carries 
                information about the refractive index
   notDone  - a logical variable that comes in as true, and changes only in the
              degenerate case when none of the rays penetrate any part of the domain