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[Functions] source/RuntimeParameters/RuntimeParameters_getPrev





  RuntimeParameters_getPrev(char*(in) :: name,
                     real/int/str/log(out) :: value) 


 This function gets an initial parameter from a linked list
 implemented under the hood.  'Previous' refers to the parameter
 values that are used to reset the state of the simulation when
 starting from restart.  For example, the checkpoint file might
 store lrefine_max = 5, but in the flash.par a user restarting the
 code may want to set lrefine_max to 6 to increase the resolution of
 the grid.  The code must be restarted with the grid in the same
 state as it was when it was checkpointed.  However, after that,
 various values can be changed.  Adding the routines getPrev*
 allows the user to do some checks to see if the checkpoint
 parameter and the flash.par parameter values are the same.

 The getPrev* routines should only be used for these type of
 comparisons.  If a user simply wants to get a parameter use


 name:       name of parameter
 value:      parameter value


  Because RuntimeParameters_getPrev is an overloaded function, a user calling
  the routine must USE the interface RuntimeParameters_interface.