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[Functions] source/Simulation/Simulation_customizeProlong





  call Simulation_customizeProlong(integer(IN)  :: beforeOrAfter)


  The Simulation_customizeProlong interface provides a way to
  customize the prolongation of Grid data that normally happens
  after an AMR Grid has changed - in particular, the interpolation
  of data into blocks that were newly created by refining existing

  The interface is called twice for each time that the global
  prolongation operation is applied: once just before prolongation
  gets applied, and then again after prolongation is done.
  The single arguments is used to distinguish the calls.

  After the refinement, apply the user-defined routine for a 
  special prolongation routine from the coarse parents to 
  the newly created child blocks.

  Generally, this routine is only present as a stub and does


   beforeOrAfter : BEFORE when called before prolongation,
                   AFTER when called after prolongation.


   The constants BEFORE and AFTER are defined in constants.h.

   As of FLASH 3.1.1, a non-stub implementation for use by
   MHD simulations is provided in the directory tree location
   source/Simulation/SimulationMain/magnetoHD . All simulations
   placed under the magnetoHD directory will therefore this
   implementation by default.  This is usually desired for
   simulations using MHD.  For this reason, simulations using
   MHD should be placed under the magnetoHD directory.

   See documentation headers in the magnetoHD implementation for
   details about that implementation.