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[Functions] source/physics/Hydro/Hydro





  Hydro( integer(IN) :: myPE, 
         integer(IN) :: numProcs, 
         integer(IN) :: blockCount, 
         integer(IN) :: blockList(blockCount), 
         real(IN)    :: timeEndAdv, 
         real(IN)    :: dt, 
         real(IN)    :: dtOld, 
         integer(IN) :: sweepOrder )


  Perform a 1, 2, or 3D hydro update.  This version handles
  directionally split hydro schemes.  The input
  parameter sweepOrder determines the ordering of sweep
  directions.  For example, in 3d, SWEEP_XYZ means to perform 
  1d sweeps first in the x direction, then the y, then z direction, 
  while SWEEP_ZYX means to performs the 1d sweeps in the opposite order.

  The blockList and blockCount arguments tell this routine on 
  which blocks and on how many to operate.  blockList is an 
  integer array of size blockCount that contains the local 
  block numbers of blocks on which to advance.

  dt gives the timestep through which this update should advance,
  and timeEndAdv tells the time that this update will reach when
  it finishes.  dtOld gives the previously taken timestep.  


  myPE -        local processor number
  numProcs -    total number of processors
  blockCount -  the number of blocks in blockList
  blockList -   array holding local IDs of blocks on which to advance
  timeEndAdv -  end time
  dt -          timestep
  dtOld -       old timestep
  sweepOrder -  direction of hydro sweep, can be: SWEEP_XYZ or SWEEP_ZYX
                as defined in  constants.h