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[Functions] source/Grid/Grid_advanceDiffusion





  call Grid_advanceDiffusion (integer, intent(IN) :: iVar,
                              integer(IN)         :: iSrc,
                              integer, intent(IN) :: iFactorB,
                              integer, intent(IN) :: iFactorA,
                              integer, intent(IN) :: bcTypes(6),
                              real,    intent(IN) :: bcValues(2,6),
                              real,    intent(IN) :: dt,
                              real,    intent(IN) :: chi,
                              real,    intent(IN) :: scaleFact,
                              real,    intent(IN) :: theta,
                              integer, intent(IN), OPTIONAL :: iFactorC,
                              integer, intent(IN), OPTIONAL :: iFactorD
                              integer, OPTIONAL, intent(IN) :: pass,
                              logical(IN) :: solnIsDelta)


      This routine advances a generalized diffusion operator of the form

         A*(df/dt) + C*f = div(B*grad(f)) + D ,

         f -> f(x,t) is the  Variable to be diffused (x=1D..3D position);

         A,B,C,D are optional given scalar factors/terms that may depend
         on position; they are either physcially constant in time, or at
         least considered time-independent for the purpose of the operation
         implemented here (typically by computing their values from the
         solution state reached by the previous time step).

      Presently it is used to do heat conduction and multigroup diffusion.


   iVar           : Variable on which the diffusion operatorion is performed (e.g., TEMP_VAR)
   iFactorA       :| Are factors in the equation with spatial variation.
   iFactorB       :| Factor C,D are optional and are generally used
   iFactorC       :| to represent emission/absorption in MGD.
   iFactorD       :| iFactorA is needed only for conduction.
   bcTypes        : Presently OUTFLOW, VACUUM is supported, DIRICHLET is untested.
   bcValues       : Values of iVar,iFactorB on boundary (DIRICHLET).                        
   dt             : The time step.
   scaleFact      : Factor by which the end solution is scaled (not used).
   chi            : useful for constant diffusion problems (not used).
   theta          : varies scheme (0-> Explicit, 1-> backward euler, 0.5 -> Crank Nicholson
   pass           : Ignored in unsplit solver.
                    pass=1 order of directional sweep X-Y-Z, 
                    pass=2 order of directional sweep Z-Y-X.
   iSrc           : Ignored.
   solnIsDelta    : Is the solution only a delta that the caller has to apply to the
                    temperature, rather than temperature itself (ignored).


  It is currently assumed in implementations
  that boundary condition types at all sides of the domain are the same. 
  However, there is no check to make sure that this is true.
  What this means to the user  is that only the first value in bcTypes is
  checked here, and may be assumed to give the type of boundary condition
  for all 2*NDIM directions.