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[Functions] source/physics/Diffuse/Diffuse_computeFluxLimiter





  call Diffuse_computeFluxLimiter(integer(in) :: idcoef, 
                           integer(in) :: ifunc,
                           integer(in) :: ifl,
                           integer(in) :: iflOut,
                           integer(in) :: ieddi3,
                           integer(in) :: mode,
                           real(INOUT) :: solnData(:,lbUI:,lbUJ:,lbUK:),
                           integer(in),value :: lbIU,lbUJ,lbUK,
                           integer(IN) :: blockID,
                  OPTIONAL,integer(IN) :: gcLayers )


      This routine computes flux limiter factors and returns them
      in UNK variables. It does not apply the limiter by modifying
      diffusion coefficients or in any other way.


   idcoef  : index into solution vector, indicating a variable that holds
             the coefficient to which the limiter is applied.
             This variable is used only for input.
   ifunc   : index into solution vector giving the quantity whose flux
             is to be limited. This gives either the quantity directly
             if iDenForIfunc is < 1, or must be multiplied by the variable
             given by iDenForIfunc.
             This variable is used only for input.
   iDenForIfunc : A density to multiply ifunc by, or -1.
             This variable is used only for input.
   ifl     : index into solution vector giving the limiting value that
             would be applied to the variable given by idcoef such that
             the latter is less than or equal to the former.
             This variable is used only for input.
   iflOut  : index into solution vector to put flux limiter factor.
             Note that this may be one of the variables given by the
             previous four dummy arguments that are used as inputs.
   mode     : Flux limiter mode.
   solnData : The block data on which to operate
   lbUI,lbUJ,lbUK: lower bounds of assumed-shape array solnData
   blockID  : Identifies the block on which to operate
   gcLayers : In how many layers of guard cells, in additionm to the
              interior cells, the flux limiter coefficients are desired.
              Note that one more layer is required in the variable given
              by ifl for input, for computing the gradient.


  Modifies flux limiter variables (as requested by argument iflOut) in the solution
  storage UNK.  On output it will be overwritten with a value
 three times the flux limiter factor lambda, which should be
 familiar from the literature on flux limiters. The value
 of lambda should be in the range [ 0, 1/3 ].