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[Functions] source/physics/Hydro/Hydro_mapBcType





  call Hydro_mapBcType(integer(OUT)  :: bcTypeToApply,
                      integer(IN)   :: bcTypeFromGrid,
                      integer(IN)   :: varIndex,
                      integer(IN)   :: gridDataStruct,
                      integer(IN)   :: axis,
                      integer(IN)   :: face,
             OPTIONAL,integer(IN)   :: idest)


  This routine returns a boundary condition type (BC type) for
  a specific variable in a specific grid datastructure, based on
  the BC type that is stored in the structures of the Grid that
  keep track of block neighbors.

  Normally, this routine just returns the bcTypeFromGrid as bcTypeToApply,
  or 0 (which basically has the same effect).
  However, this routines gives the Hydro unit the opportunity to
  apply different types of boundary conditions from what the
  Grid would normally use.


  bcTypeToApply :  The boundary condition type returned to the caller.
                   The caller should use this to determine the actual
                   handling of the boundary condition, for "this"
                   variable (given by varIndex), data structure (given
                   by gridDataStruct), and PARAMESH array slot (given
                   by idest).
  bcTypeFromGrid : The BC type that is stored in the structures of the
                   Grid that keep track of block neighbors - in particular,
                   the "neigh" (Paramesh2) and "surr_blks" (Paramesh3 ff)
                   arrays. Typically this is the BC type set with the
                   {x,y,z}{l,u}_boundary_type runtime parameters.

  varIndex :       Index that selects a variable within the data
                   structure given by the gridDataStruct argument (below).
                   For gridDataStruct==CENTER, this is an UNK variable
                   such as DENS_VAR. For WORK, this is meaningless
                   and should be set to 1.

  gridDataStruct : Integer value specifying the data structure. 
                   The options are defined in constants.h and they are :
                   CENTER cell centered variables (default)
                   FACEX  face centered variable on faces along IAXIS
                   FACEY  face centered variable on faces along JAXIS
                   FACEZ  face centered variable on faces along IAXIS
                   WORK   work array specific to paramesh

  face           : The face on which to apply BC. Can take values LOW and HIGH,
                   for uper and lower (left and right) side of the block,
                   respectively. Note that LOW and HIGH are defined in constants.h
                   to have the values 1 and 2, respectively.
  axis           : the dimension along which to apply BC

  idest:           Can usually be ignored; see Grid_bcApplyToRegion and gr_bcMapBcType
                   if you really want to know more.


    2013       Created                                                - Klaus Weide