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[Functions] source/Grid/Grid_getSingleCellCoords





  Grid_getSingleCellCoords(integer(in)       ::  ind(MDIM), 
                           integer(in)       ::  blockid,
                           integer(in)       ::  edge,
                           integer(in)       ::  beginCount,
                           real(OUT)         ::  coords(MDIM))


  Returns the coordinates of a single cell of a given block.


  ind - array holding the indices of the cell whose coordinates to return
  blockid - local block number

  edge - indicates if user wants the left, center or right edge of the block
         options are LEFT_EDGE, RIGHT_EDGE, or CENTER.  These constants are
         defined in constants.h

  beginCount : tells the routine where to start index counting.  beginCount can
               be set to INTERIOR or EXTERIOR.  If INTERIOR is specified
               guardcell indices are not included and index 1 is the first interior cell. 
               If EXTERIOR is specified
               the first index, 1, is the left most guardcell.  See example
               below for more explanation.  (For most of the FLASH architecture code,
               we use EXTERIOR.  Some physics routines, however, find it helpful 
               only to work on the internal parts of the blocks (without
               guardcells) and wish to keep loop indicies  
               going from 1 to NXB without having to worry about finding 
               the correct offset for the number of guardcells.) 
               (INTERIOR and EXTERIOR are defined in constants.h)

  coords : returned coordinates of the specificed cell