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[Functions] source/Grid/Grid_restrictByLevels





  call Grid_restrictByLevels(integer(IN) :: gridDataStruct, 
                      integer(IN) :: fromLevel,
                      integer(IN) :: toLevel,
             optional,logical(IN) :: checkFinestLevel,
             optional,integer(IN) :: maskSize,
             optional,logical(IN) :: mask(*))


  Update solution data by a restriction sweep from blocks at refinement
  level given by fromLevel to refinement level toLevel.

  The argument "gridDataStruct" can take on one of several valid 
  values to determine a specific grid data structure on which to apply
  the data restriction operation. The currently available options are listed
  with the arguments. User code will probably use either CENTER as the option,
  with a mask selecting one or a few variables, or use WORK.

  Paramesh2 has no implementation of this interface.

  DEV: Face variables not tested / not expected to work.


  gridDataStruct - integer constant, defined in "constants.h", 
                   indicating which grid data structure 
                   variable's cell data to update.
                   Paramesh has 5 data structures for grid variables, the first
                   four include all physical variables defined on the mesh. The 
                   fifth one includes a single variable.

                   unk                cell centered, 
                   facex,facey,facez  face centered along i,j,k 
                                      direction respectively
                   work               cell centered, single variable.
                   valid values of gridDataStruct are  
                   CENTER             unk only
                   WORK               work  !! valid only for Paramesh
                   May also be supported in PM3/PM4:
                   FACES              facex,facey and facez 
                   FACEX              facex
                   FACEY              facey
                   FACEZ              facez
                   CENTER_FACES       unk as well as facex,facey, and facez
                                      in current implementation of PM2 and
                                      UG, this is equivalent to CENTER

  fromLevel - refinement level where the sweep should start, the finest level.
              It can be given as
               - a positive integer, meaning an absolute refinement level
                 as in the runtime parameters lrefine_min, lrefine_max, etc.,
                 i.e., 1 means the refinement level of the root block(s).
               - 0, meaning the same as specifying lrefine_max
               - a negative integer, meaning a refinement level relative
                 to the highest refinement level that is currently realized
                 anywhere on the grid; the highest realized level is -1,
                 the next coarse level is -2, etc. 
  toLevel -   refinement level where the sweep should end, the coarsest level.
              Can be given as a positive integer, 0, or a negative integer,
              where the meaning is as described for forLevel.
              If toLevel indicates a level equal to or higher (i.e., finer)
              than fromLevel, no restriction will take place.

  checkFinestLevel - whether to check for the finest level that is realized
              on the grid by an initial MPI_ALLREDUCE operation.
              Default is true.  If set to false, the code may unnecessarily
              sweep over nonexistent levels.
              Note the this check will be done anyway if a negative
              fromLevel or toLevel is specified.

  maskSize - the size of the mask array. It is an optional argument.
  mask -  This is an optional argument. If this argument is missing, 
          the routine assumes that all variables in the specified 
          data structure should get updated.
          If it is present, it is a one-dimensional logical array 
          with indices correspoding to variables in the grid data
          structures. If a variable should have its cells updated,
          the corresponding element in "mask" is true, otherwise it is


   #include "Flash.h"
   #include "constants.h"

      call Grid_restrictByLevels( CENTER, 5, 3)

     This call will update UNK data in interior cells of all non-LEAF blocks
     at refinement levels 4 and 3, by a restriction sweep based on LEAF
     blocks at refinement levels 5 and 4 in regions of the domain where
     such blocks exists and based on the data in non-LEAF blocks at level 5

   #include "Flash.h"
   #include "constants.h"

      call Grid_restrictByLevels( WORK, 5, 3)

     This call ...

   #include "Flash.h"
   #include "constants.h"

      logical :: restrictMask(NUNK_VARS)

      restrictMask = .FALSE.
      restrictMask(DENS_VAR) = .TRUE.
      call Grid_restrictByLevels( CENTER, 5, 3, maskSize=NUNK_VARS, mask=restrictMask)

     This call ...


  After this function returns, all parent and ancestor blocks at refinement levels
  between fromLevel (exclusive) and toLevel (inclusive) will have updated
  solution data for the variables determined by the gridDataStruct
  and mask dummy arguments, based on restriction operations beginning with blocks
  at either a refinement level of fromLevel or coarser LEAF blocks (in regions where
  the LEAF blocks are less refined than fromLevel) and sweeping up the grid tree.

  Data in variables not selected by gridDataStruct and mask will be either unchanged 
  (in the PARAMESH Grid [as well as UG]) or may also have undergone restriction
  (in Grid implementations where masks are ignored).


  Restriction, as we use the term, refers only to changing the solution data on
  blocks, while leaving the structure of the Grid (existence of blocks, AMR tree 
  structure) unchanged.  In particular, no blocks are removed by "restriction".

  Guard cells are not updated.

  With a uniform grid, all calls are no-ops.

  Constants CENTER, WORK, etc. are defined in constants.h .

  NOTE : Face variables not tested / not expected to work.