Runtime Parameters Documentation for FLASH Release 4.3

    allowDtSTSDominate [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        allow a situation in which dt_STS becomes larger than dt_Hydro
        (dt_advection) (assuming that diffusion dt is smaller than advection dt)
        upto advection one, but not faster than the advection advancement. This
        will be useful in solving PDE systems that are hyperbolic + parabolic.
        FALSE will use the STS algorithm to even accelerate advection time
        advancement, which in turn, will use larger advection dt than advection
        dt from CFL limits. This will be useful in solving only hyperbolic PDE
        systems in general. When hyperbolic + parabolic PDE system is to be
        solved, then we suggest that users use less agressive super time
        stepping method by using useSTSforDiffusion = TRUE.
    dr_abortPause [INTEGER] [2]
        Valid Values: 0 to INFTY
        When Driver_abortFlash is called to abnormally end execution, and
        dr_abortPause is grater than zero, the FLASH Driver_abortFlash code will
        sleep for dr_abortPause seconds after writing explanatory messages (to
        standard output and, possibly, to log files) but before calling
        MPI_ABORT. See also eachProcWritesOwnAbortLog for controlling the
        generation of per-processor log files.
    dr_printTStepLoc [BOOLEAN] [TRUE]

    dr_shortenLastStepBeforeTMax [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        If TRUE, make the dt for the last time step shorter if necassary so as
        to avoid overshooting tmax.
    dr_tstepSlowStartFactor [REAL] [0.1]
        Valid Values: 0.0 to INFTY
        The initial dt is set to be at most the timestep computed by CFL
        conditions applied to certain operators multiplied with this factor.
    drift_break_inst [INTEGER] [0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained

    drift_trunc_mantissa [INTEGER] [2]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        number of mantissa bits to exclude from hash (3 bits ~ 1 sigdig)
    drift_tuples [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        should block data be written in python tuples format
    drift_verbose_inst [INTEGER] [0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained

    dtinit [REAL] [1.E-10]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Initial timestep
    dtmax [REAL] [1.E5]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum timestep
    dtmin [REAL] [1.E-10]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Minimum timestep
    eachProcWritesOwnAbortLog [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        Should each process writes messages to its own log file when
        Driver_abortFlash gets called to abnormally end execution? If true, each
        process in which Driver_abortFlash is called will attempt to write an
        explanatory message to its own log file, whether that file already
        existed or needs to be newly created.  If false, the Driver_abortFlash
        message will appear only in the regular log file (if the Logfile code
        unit is used), and normally only when Driver_abortFlash is called by the
        process with PE 0.
    iProcs [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        number of procs in the i dir
    jProcs [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        number of procs in the j dir
    kProcs [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        number of procs in the k dir
    meshCopyCount [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The number of copies of full computational mesh that
    nbegin [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: 1 to INFTY
        First timestep
    nend [INTEGER] [100]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum number of timesteps to take
    nstepTotalSTS [INTEGER] [5]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained

    nuSTS [REAL] [0.1]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        nu stability parameter for super time stepping algorithm
    restart [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        Is this a restart run?
    sweepOrder [INTEGER] [123]
        Valid Values: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321
        Determine the order of the directional sweeps
    threadBlockListBuild [BOOLEAN] CONSTANT [TRUE]

    threadDriverBlockList [BOOLEAN] [TRUE]

    threadDriverWithinBlock [BOOLEAN] [TRUE]

    threadRayTraceBuild [BOOLEAN] CONSTANT [TRUE]

    threadWithinBlockBuild [BOOLEAN] CONSTANT [TRUE]

    tinitial [REAL] [0.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Initial simulation time
    tmax [REAL] [0.2]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum simulation time
    tstep_change_factor [REAL] [2.0]
        Valid Values: 0.0+ to INFTY
        The initial time step dt is multiplied with this factor at every
        timestep, until it is limited by CFL condition, allowing users to
        specify a very conservative initial dt and letting it grow by specifying
        a tstep_change_factor > 1.0.
        Do we want to use super time stepping (STS) algorithm?
    useSTSforDiffusion [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        TRUE will use the STS algorithm to accelerate diffusion time advancement
    wall_clock_time_limit [REAL] [604800.]
        Valid Values: -1.0, 0.0 to INFTY
        Total wall clock time limit (seconds). Use -1.0 for no limit.
    zFinal [REAL] [0.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The final redshift in a simulation.  The simulation will stop
    zInitial [REAL] [-1.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The initial redshift in a simulation.  < 0 if not being used.