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FLASH Code Test Results

To verify that FLASH works as expected, and to debug changes in the code, we have created a suite of standard test problems. Most of these problems have analytical solutions which can be used to test the accuracy of the code. The remaining problems do not have analytical solutions, but they produce well-defined flow features which have been verified by experiments and are stringent tests of the code.

Problem configurations needed to implement these tests are included in the setups/ directory of the FLASH source tree. Sample runtime parameter files are also included. Archived test results and the automated FLASH test script, flash_test, are distributed separately. See the FLASH User's Guide for further details.

Essentially one-dimensional tests

These are tests with planar, cylindrical, or spherical symmetry. Some are run on two- or three-dimensional meshes to verify the behavior of operator-split methods, particularly on flow discontinuities with simple symmetries.

Two- and three-dimensional tests

These are problems with an essentially multidimensional character. Oblique shock reflections, vortices, and Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities are examples of phenomena which appear in these problems.

Note that if you are having problems seeing the Greek letters in any of our documents, try the solution suggested here, and make sure your browser is not set to override all fonts. (eg. under Edit/Preferences/Fonts turn on "Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic fonts.")

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